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Access to Google Linked Accounts

Hello Families!
There has been an update to how students access there google linked accounts.
Students need to visit in order to access Think Central, Google Classroom, Fable Learning, and Google Hub (docs, slides, drive.) If you have Chrome as a browser, please use this when visiting the site. However, Internet Explorer will work, as long as you follow the steps and sign in to your google account. If you have any questions feel free to ask me for help.
**Please copy and paste the link in your address bar, as it will not work if you click on it, or click on the other myportal link provided on this page.**

StarWalk Link & Login


The following link allows you to access the StarWalk website from home and gain access to 500 ebooks.


Student login:  Username: mphlunch# (For example: mph123456)

                        Password:  lunch#        (For example: 123456)