Discipline Philosophy

All members of the Maple Hill community are valued and essential for our success.  Students at Maple Hill will be respectful, responsible, and safe (PBIS Rules).  We believe that these qualities will help us become capable, caring, and contributing members of our community.  We believe:
  • Students have the right to learn
  •  Students have the right to a safe, secure environment
  • Students have the right to expect a schoolwide discipline plan that includes clear expectations, clear and consistent consequences, and positive recognition      
Hawk Pride Behavior

Each Maple Hill student will show “Hawk Pride Behavior” by demonstrating:
  • Empathy We show empathy for others.
  • Conscience We use our conscience to help us decide right from wrong.
  • Self-control We practice self-control by thinking before we act.
  • Respect We show respect for the rights and feelings of others.
  • Kindness We show kindness through words and actions.
  • Tolerance We practice tolerance by appreciating ourdifferences.
  • Fairness We practice fairness by treating others fairly.