School Policies » General Information

General Information

Arrival at School
  • Arrive at school between 7:45 – 8:10 AM
  • Walk directly to the playground. Kindergarten through third grade enter through the primary gate. 4th and 5th grade enter through the upper grade gate. 
  • Do not enter the main building without adult permission
  • Enter through the main office door on rainy days. Please do not block the front door.
  • Do not carry any type of medication during school time unless authorized by a physician

Tardy Policy
  • Arrive at school by 8:10 AM
  • Report to the office to pick up a tardy slip when late
  • Receive a letter for repeated tardies
  • Be referred to the School Attendance Review Board for habitual tardies

In the Classroom
  • Follow the individual classroom discipline plan
  • Do not prevent the teacher from teaching and others from learning
  • Promptly follow the directions of all adults the first time they are given

On the Playground
  • Play in designated supervised areas only
  • Do not play near the perimeter of the fence
  • Do not play between buildings, portables, or storage bins
  • Do not play on hills surrounding the playground
  • Respect one another
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Do not play tag or chase
  • Play fairly
  • Promptly follow directions of all adults the first time they are given
  • Follow the rules of school approved games
  • Do not throw rocks, sand, or other objects
  • Do not bring toys or play equipment from home
  • Follow “freeze bell” and line up promptly
  • Eat snacks in the snack area only
  • Walk on the blacktop at all times

In the Restroom
  • Use restrooms and drinking fountains at recess times
  • Put paper towels in the trash cans only
  • Do not throw paper towels on floor, ceiling, or mirrors

Lunch Time
  • Stand in line patiently and keep hands and feet to self
  • Talk quietly
  • Use appropriate table manners
  • Clean up trash and leave the table and eating area clean
  • Sit quietly until dismissed by noon aide
  • Promptly and respectfully follow directions given by all noon aides

Dismissal Time
  • Wait to be dismissed by teacher
  • Walk from the school grounds promptly
  • Do not loiter or play on school grounds after dismissal

Bus Line and Behavior
  • Follow all school bus rules
  • Wait patiently in line
  • Use proper safety procedures

At the Park

It is both unwise and unsafe to leave your student in the park unsupervised for any extended length of time.  Leaving children without supervision is grounds to call the police or notify Social Services for neglect.  Maple Hill Elementary is not responsible for accidents or misbehavior that may occur at the park.

Skateboard, Skates, Razors, and Roller Blades

Students may not use skateboards, roller blades, razors or roller skates on the way to or from school.  Any items brought on campus will be confiscated from the student and returned to the parents according to district policy.

Playground and Classroom Citations

Students may be issued a citation by adults on campus when they do not follow school rules.  The citations serve as a means of communication with parents about their child’s behavior and as a reminder to students that they are responsible for their own actions, Teachers and administrators will counsel students and give consequences for not following the rules.

The first through third tickets each trimester will be sent home by the teacher for a parent signature.  The classroom teacher will decide the consequences.  If the student receives a fourth ticket during a trimester, the teacher will send the student to the principal, and the principal will counsel the student and administer the consequences. In addition to counseling, consequences may include removal from the playground, parent contact, detention, placement on a behavior contract, Opportunity School, or suspension. 

Positive Recognition

Students at Maple Hill who abide by school rules will be positively rewarded for outstanding behavior.  These rewards may include good notes and phone calls home from the teacher, special principal awards, "McNeil Money" to be redeemed for prizes, individual classroom incentives, and awards for citizenship and academics.