Community Club

We believe that parents are our partners in the education of our students at Maple Hill Elementary. Parents are encouraged to visit the school frequently and participate in the education of their child. The volunteer program at Maple Hill is strong and provides excellent support for staff and students. Parents are welcome to help in the classroom and participate in field trips, assemblies, and school events.

We invite parents to join our parent organization, the Community Club, which is responsible for fundraising, field trips, the Hawk Walk, and many other school events. Our monthly Community Club Meetings are held in the multipurpose room at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. Everyone is welcome to meet the Principal, discuss school business, and learn about the exciting educational activities at Maple Hill Elementary. The Community Club meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays.

We have several positions open on our board, and we are looking for parents who might be interested in volunteering their time. We hope you will be able to join us as we make plans for the new school year!
2022-2023 MHCC Executive Board
President- Nicole Smith
1st Vice President- Abby Tata
2nd Vice President- Julie Lagos
Treasurer- Amy Kao
Secretary- Danielah Germon
If you would like more information about our Community Club, you can contact a Community Club representative at [email protected].